• Our client was looking to evaluate CCUS (carbon capture, utilization & storage) solutions that could be implemented at the production end of the O&G value chain.


  • The maturity level of the solution should be above TRL5
  • Technologies having a demonstrator plant, or a commercial installation is preferred


  • Our client was delighted to receive a final shortlist of 8 companies. The client then began engaging with these companies for using these solutions or exploring possible acquisitions or investments.
  • All of this was achieved within a period of 9 weeks from the date of first interaction.


  • In a period of 12 months from the beginning of engagement with WhatNext, the client was able to successfully test and deploy a solution successfully.
We needed to develop an exponential transformation and future growth strategy, including the evaluation of potential technology scouting and acquisitions in Mobility industry. WhatNext’s one-on-one style of consulting with hand-picked industry experts was simpler to work with more focused engagements. Moreover, they helped us assimilate a great deal of foresights and distilled it into a workable strategic plan.

AVP – Energy & Utility

A European Mobility Major


Expert Project Team Deployment

  • For the client’s specific business objective, from its Expert Network, WhatNext selected and deployed a project team of 1 Expert supported by 1 PhD candidate.

Customised Business Objective service through WhatNext Platform:

  • Guided by the expert, the PhD candidate scoured several secondary sources of information to identify 8 potential solutions that might be interesting to evaluate
  • The research outcomes were made accessible to the client through the WhatNext platform.

Due-Diligence: Primary Interviews with Start-Ups & MSMEs

  • The WhatNext Expert interviewed each identified solution provided to validate claims made, assess actual TRLs, etc. These inputs were used to arrive at a final shortlist.


  • The expert established a set of parameters that were validated with the client. Each solution identified was benchmarked based on existing maturity level, cost efficiency, oil & gas field synergies, footprint of the system, ability to be used for EoR, expected system life, robustness/reliability of the solution, etc.
  • The outcome was of a shortlist of eight companies whose energy storage solutions matched the decision matrix established by the expert and the client.
FutureMakers Expert Network