Transforming Energy Industry Exponentially with WhatNext

Innovation Focus Areas
  • Energy Storage
  • Decentralised Energy Generation
  • New Energies
  • Distributed Energy Resources
Strategic & Tactical Use Cases
  • How can advanced simulation and modeling help improve the safety and reliability of energy storage systems
  • Efficient integration of different energy producers within smart grids
  • The decentralized control of voltage profiles
  • Can grey hydrogen be converted into green hydrogen?
  • Recycling of photovoltaic systems – can silicon and other valuable materials be recovered?
  • By when will alternative energy storage systems based on Na or Al be commercialized?
  • Microgrid Controllers to mitigate intermittent power generations from solar PVs
  • Geothermal energy storage solutions for microgrids
  • Next generations catalysts for Carbon dioxide capture and conversion?
  • What limitations will coupled utility put on the functionality of the grid-connected systems?

Energy Futuremaker Network

FutureMakers Expert Network
FutureMakers Expert Network
Energy - WhatNext

Innovation Focus Areas
  • Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Circular Economy
  • Biofuels
  • Natural Gas
  • Transportation
Strategic & Tactical Use Cases
  • Which systems are able to provide both energy storage and carbon capture?
  • Are biofuels a viable and ethical correct way towards energy transition?
  • How can Direct Air Capture (DAC) get momentum in greenhouse gas mitigation?
  • Apart from Enhanced Oil Recovery, which potential end application for CCUS will mature at the earliest?
  • Investment opportunities for hydrogen production through biochar route
  • Are there more ecologic ways to mine natural gas besides fracking?
  • Advancement in thermochemical process for biomass processing?
  • Realistic calculations on the efficiency of synthetic fuels over the whole production process
  • Which efforts are necessary to utilize natural gas pipelines for hydrogen storage and transportation?
  • Is CCS a viable way to permanently bond CO2 within the soil?
  • How will the CCUS ecosystem evolve for Oil and Gas Industry?

mobility futuremaker network

FutureMakers Expert Network
FutureMakers Expert Network
Energy - WhatNext

Innovation Focus Areas
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Process Improvement & Digitalisation Efficiency in Consumption
Strategic & Tactical Use Cases
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology – integration into smart grids?
  • Software requirements for hybrid and flexible CHP systems
  • Digital twin for batteries – implementation for test systems possible?
  • Which is the most efficient way to recycle biowaste?
  • How can regulatory issues be solved more effective throughout the EU?
  • Which monitoring possibilities are needed to ensure safe CCS?
  • Which are the main factors to improve efficiency of freight and logistics?
  • How can CHP be used to recover waste heat from data centers?
  • Advancements in long range wireless power transmission (Non-Wire Alternatives)
  • What is the cheapest way to implement waste heat recovery within detached houses?

mobility futuremaker network

FutureMakers Expert Network
FutureMakers Expert Network
Energy - WhatNext

Innovation Focus Areas
  • Energy-On-Demand
  • Energy-as-a-Service
  • Charging & Swapping
  • Smart Homes
  • Smart Cities
Strategic & Tactical Use Cases
  • How can AI help to secure smart devices in general from hacking attacks?
  • Can energy-on-demand services be realistically based on renewable energies?
  • Advancements in peer-to-peer energy trading in transactive markets
  • What is the most efficient way to incorporate CHP into smart cities?
  • Which are the relevant needs of BEV-drivers for future battery charging infrastructure?
  • How can battery charging infrastructure be combined with smart cities?
  • Impact of battery swapping stations on distribution networks
  • How long can smart homes be powered in the case of a blackout?
  • Is Microgrid-as-a-service viable to Industrial Application?
  • Are there further ways to combine energy-efficient street lightning with low light pollution?

mobility futuremaker network

FutureMakers Expert Network
FutureMakers Expert Network
FutureMakers Expert Network
FutureMakers Expert Network
Energy - WhatNext

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