• Client had been struggling to retain & revive its market share in an already declining market. They, therefore, wanted to re-evaluate their offshore segment strategy & develop a focused growth plan.


  • New growth opportunities exist within the offshore segment?
  • How to improve value proposition?
  • What do the oil companies expect from EPC players?


  • Provided analysis at regional level to highlight attractive countries with offshore opportunities (structure wise) and a road map for opportunities till 2026
  • Benchmarking with competitors helped our client understand the areas where their technology offerings lag & hence a plan was devised
  • Customer review analysis was helpful in analyzing the current and future customer demands and plug the leaks to ensure seamless business relationship ahead


  • Client was able to develop a plan and roadmap to be realized by 2026
We were seeking an objective, yet constructive advisory that could challenge our organizational thinking approach while aligning our future strategic initiatives. We were right in choosing WhatNext and would recommend them highly to anyone facing situations that demand unbiased, practical, and timely advice.

Top CEO Of An European Mobility Company


Expert Project Team Deployment

    • For the client’s specific business objective, from its Expert Network, WhatNext selected and deployed an Expert with a background in management consulting in the Energy Space. This expert was supported by a team of 3 Ph.D. students to help in data gathering, research, and analysis.

Secondary research

      1. The Expert team conducted desk research to understand the current market trend and to identify attractive market opportunities.
      2. Referred paid databases and identifies patents to pin down the latest technical advancements in floating offshore structures

Primary research

    1. The expert team conducted 20+ telephonic interviews with O&G companies & other industry experts from the WhatNext Network to understand the changing needs of the customer.

The final research finding provided to the client on the WhatNext platform included analysis, reporting, and advisory on:

  • Emerging market trends & overall attractiveness – An understanding of how well the client is positioned for the evolving market dynamics
  • Competitive positioning in the market – benchmarking matrix to map projects of high interest.
  • Customer perception – future development strategies of key customers and their perception of the Client’s offering.
  • Key findings & conclusion – Provided comparative regional landscape of offshore investments, oil companies’ point of view on preferred EPC companies, and current & future customer demands.

Technology Due Diligence and Evaluation Plan

  • For each of the technologies shortlisted, the expert along with companies selected from WhatNext’s technology adoption enabler network conducted detailed feasibility studies covering:
    1. Characterization tests
    2. Icephobicity & durability tests
    3. Ageing & validation tests
    4. The final report on coatings recommended
  • This was followed by process optimization for the actual blades of our client.
  • The final solution selected and deployed was an icephobic surface treatment & coating system originally developed for de-icing the leading edge of aircraft.
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