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WhatNext is an ecosystem of industry experts, start-ups, and technology adoption enablers with a singular purpose of helping cope with the onslaught of rapid transformation caused by technological advancements and evolving market dynamics.

WhatNext FutureMaker Community & Ecosystem


Expert Network

Engage with Our Future Makers – The Best Minds in the Business!


Digital Technology Start-ups

Connect and Engage with Deeply Curated Digital Start-Up


Technology Adoption Enablers

Seamless Technology Transfer – Smarter, Faster, Easier

FutureMakers Expert Network
FutureMakers Expert Network
FutureMakers Expert Network
FutureMakers Expert Network
  • Discover Novel Opportunities for Growth and Innovation
  • Implement Technology-driven Business Models
  • Validate Business Ideas, Strategy & Tactical Initiatives
  • Accelerate R&D and Innovation
  • Simulate and plan for Future Scenarios
  • Develop and Implement Digitisation Strategy
  • Develop New Products for future markets
  • Adopt innovative and perfect fit external technology solutions
  • One-on-One interaction with Experts
  • Ideation / Strategy Workshops
  • Strategic Advisory Panels
  • Expert Surveys and Research
  • Startup Connections, Solution Scouting & Due Dilligence
  • Solution Orientated, On Demand Technology Adoption Support
    • System Integration
    • Software Development
    • Contract Manufacturing
    • Pre-Implementation Testing & Feasibility
    • IP & Contracts Support


Business/Strategy Leader

What changes out there will disrupt my industry?

  • How quickly will they impact me?
  • How do I mitigate these risks?

What are the opportunities?

  • How do I take advantage of them in the fastest way possible?
  • What do I need to change or transform to do this?
  • How do I execute these changes?

How do I execute these changes?

  • How do I execute these new business models?
  • What needs to change or transform?
  • What resources do I need?
FutureMakers Expert Network


  • Scenario planning for the future of the business
  • What are the uncertainties, possible disruptions strong implications for each potential reality?
  • What should be the strategy to deal with such implications?
  • What are the trends to watch out for?
  • What are the markets of the future?
FutureMakers Expert Network


  • Maximizing Automation & leveraging Industry 4.0
    technologies including collaborative robotics, autonomous material movement, internet of things, and artificial intelligence
  • Automating and increasing the efficacy of predictive and
    preventive maintenance and reducing downtime
  • Addressing and mitigating cybersecurity risks
FutureMakers Expert Network

R&D Innovation

  • Outside the core business – What are the bold bets to invest in: Critical technology that will help the organization develop
    differentiated products, solutions, or business models?
  • How do we adopt/compete with accelerating innovation cycles globally?
  • How do we take advantage of relevant external innovations
    developed by start-ups or other industries?
FutureMakers Expert Network


  • Understanding business needs and demands of a transitioning industry
  • Identifying the right areas to scout
  • Identifying the right start-ups
  • Evaluating Start-Up Claims
FutureMakers Expert Network


  • Identifying Future Investment Opportunities
  • Identifying the markets of the future
FutureMakers Expert Network


Industry knowledge, know-how, skill, expertise and customised technology solutions you
need to reimagine future of your business and industry.

Success Stories

Enabling businesses to stay one step ahead
of disruption

Case Studies

Digitalization: Identification of Technology Solutions & Partners

Case Studies

Technology Scouting: Large Scale (Grid) Energy Storage Solutions

Case Studies

Solution Scouting: CCUS at production

Case Studies

Technology Adoption & Transfer: De-Icing/Anti-Icing Solutions

Case Studies

Business positioning – Offshore

Case Studies

Autonomous X by wire: Identification of technology solutions & partners

Case Studies

Artificial Intelligence for Error Detection

Case Studies

Business Research - Electric vehicle strategy

Case Studies

Business Research – Fuel Cells with a Focus on Transportation

Case Studies

Business Research – Emerging parking technologies

This is Why We Do What We Do

They are phenomenal. They think completely out of the box. And they are my go-to whenever I am challenged with the need for insight or opinion. They have made a real difference to my business over the last one year.

Head of Strategy

Integrated Oil & Gas Company
The biggest reason we engaged WhatNext was their ability to solve our industry’s toughest questions with the best minds who knew the answers. We got more insights from a 60-minute one-o-one call with WhatNext’s FutureMaker than I had been able to obtain from previously hired traditional consultants.

Urban Mobility Innovator

Global Mobility Company
I have used WhatNext twice. Once for scouting out solutions and the second to get an answer to a troublesome business question. They connected me with some of the brightest people and have saved me tons of time.

Head of Scouting

North American Utility Company
We were at a crossroads while undertaking a new strategic initiative that would impact our business model to great extent in future. We lacked the visibility and right knowledge. WhatNext helped us gain critical insights thanks to 1:1 relationship with individual subject matter experts. It was well worth the investment.

Acquisition Specialist

Mobility & Convergence Company
We needed to develop an exponential transformation and future growth strategy, including the evaluation of potential technology scouting and acquisitions in Mobility industry. WhatNext’s one-on-one style of consulting with hand-picked industry experts was simpler to work with more focused engagements. Moreover, they helped us assimilate a great deal of foresights and distilled it into a workable strategic plan.

AVP – Energy & Utility

A European Mobility Major
WhatNext is awesome! WhatNext’s technology experts did an excellent job of surfacing key threats and opportunities in near future and devised specific steps to address them. They had challenged our key executives to look and think outside the box and develop an exponential transformation strategy to ensure we evolve over the next few years successfully.

Futurist – Automotive

North American Automotive Company
The expert that they found now advises our board and management team. They got me connected in a week and delivered my project in just a few weeks.

Sr Vice President - M&A

A Global Oil Major
We operate in the most competitive echelons of global markets, and we had some of the specific questions that only genuine technology experts could answer. WhatNext helped us to understand and prepare for unknown unknowns that would otherwise be unexpected and to guide decisions that help our company stay on course and predict its future position.

VP – Research & Development

Global Mobility Major
We were seeking an objective, yet constructive advisory that could challenge our organizational thinking approach while aligning our future strategic initiatives. We were right in choosing WhatNext and would recommend them highly to anyone facing situations that demand unbiased, practical, and timely advice.

Top CEO Of An European Mobility Company
We are well connected within our Mobility industry but outside we’re not. WhatNext connected us seamlessly with experts from other industries that gave us a new perspective on how to develop superior forward-looking capabilities and capture opportunities that would otherwise be unseen. Without doubt, our organization has developed a great partnership with WhatNext over last year.

Director – Mobility & Strategy

Urban Air Mobility Company

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Any Questions?

Below you’ll find answers to the most asked questions about WhatNext.

WhatNext is an Exponential Transformation Ecosystem of industry experts, start-ups, and technology adoption enablers with a singular purpose of helping cope with the onslaught of rapid transformation caused by technological advancements and evolving market dynamics.

WhatNext is an exponential advisory and consulting organisation that is laser-focused solely on helping clients address their objectives related to the future growth of their business and addressing the challenges of rapid transformation that is upon every industry.

What makes WhatNext unique is that it is not a traditional consulting firm with a finite set of in-house consultants and partners. WhatNext is a large global community of experts and start-ups enbaling Exponential Transformation Ecosystem. Together, these constitute the foremost authority on the topics of industry transformation, digitisation, technological change and industries of the future.

Unlike other consulting firms that can only provide you with the expertise that they have, WhatNext provides you with Exponential Transformation Ecosystem offering the expertise that you need to address your business objectives. Our client engagement models are dynamic, flexible, agile, and tailored – every assignment need not be a big, massive, hairy, and expensive management consulting or research project.

Businesses that engage with us are usually large or mid-sized organisations from the energy, mobility, chemicals, food, and pharma industries. They are organisations from industries that are dealing with the challenges of a rapid onslaught of technological change, changing marketplaces/customer preferences, or business disruption.

Through our platform, WhatNext provides invaluable access to foremost global experts and start-ups. Access to an expert’s time cannot be provided for free and hence WhatNext does not offer a free trial.

Feel free to submit your own question in case we may have missed out on something important.