Transforming Mobility Exponentially with WhatNext

Innovation Focus Areas
  • Battery Technology
  • Wireless charging
  • Ultra-fast charging
  • Battery swapping
  • Vehicle to grid
  • Electrified roads
  • Hydrogen Mobility
Strategic & Tactical Use Cases
  • Innovative Battery Technologies with novel chemical makeups
  • Realising the full potential of hydrogen as a key enabler for a FCEV?
  • Rapid Prototyping of components for next generation battery technologies
  • New business models within EV charging?
  • Impact of Wireless Charging on Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards
  • Expanding existing Charging Networks to integrate Fast Charging Stations.
  • Adopting digital technologies to evaluate demand for Fast Charging – Who is the Target Market, What are the right Location?
  • Alternative to IC Enginge waste heat for HVAC
  • Optimal Intgration of EV Charging Stations and Grid
  • Viability of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) Technology?

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Innovation Focus Areas
  • Telematics
  • Vehicle-to-Cloud
  • Vehicle-to-Infrastructure
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle
  • Vehicle-to-Pedestrian
  • Vehicle-to-Everything
  • Advanced fleet management systems
  • Infotainment
  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
Strategic & Tactical Use Cases
  • Benefits of real-time digital twins in telematics data analytics
  • Regulatory and legal issues while tracking and analysing driver data?
  • Impact of 5G Networks on Connected Vehicle Technology?
  • Latest innovations in cybersecurity solutions to secure connected cars?
  • Factors driving the demand for Vehicle-to-everything connectivity?
  • Handling liability and insurance in driver assisted and autonomous vehicles
  • Innovations in V2X other than Dedicated Short Range Communication and
    cellular-based vehicular networks
  • Addressing current challenges in centralised vehicle network architecture?
  • Innovative technologies / solutions available for vehicle access and driver
  • Optimising R&D cost of In-vehicle infotainment platform while meeting the unique needs of each vehicle?

mobility futuremaker network

Innovation Focus Areas
  • On-Demand Autonomous Mobility
  • Precision Positioning
  • Smart Interiors
  • Autonomous Fleet Management
  • Solutions
  • 3D Mapping
  • Driver Monitoring
  • Vision Systems
Strategic & Tactical Use Cases
  • Modifying existing infrastructure for automated driving, cooperative automation, and VRU interaction-related data collection & sharing
  • Advanced technology solutions for projecting holographic and Augment reality in vehicles?
  • Advanced technology solutions (thin and flexible) to cool the automotive interiors in the temperature range of -40C to 120C
  • Future research directions in Autonomous Vehicle Sensing Area?
  • Using quantum computing in advancing autonomous driving maturity?
  • Using LiDAR sensors to provide required data to the vehicle’s perception algorithms?
  • Latest advancements in In-Vehicle Healthcare Systems?
  • Are solutions available to virtually test smart interior equipment during the development process?
  • Addressing the challenges of the handover of autonomous vehicles between different cellular LTE base stations.
  • Using 4D Imaging Radar instead of Lidar and Camera

mobility futuremaker network

Innovation Focus Areas
  • MaaS
  • Vehicle Subscription
  • Last Mile Transportation
  • Autonomous Shuttle
  • Ride Hailing
  • Flying Taxi / Urban Air Mobility
  • Corporate Mobility
  • Micromobility
Strategic & Tactical Use Cases
  • Impact of COVID-19 shaping the Global Shared Mobility Market?
  • Advancements in technologies for launching vehicle subscription programs
  • Leveraging the huge quantum of data being generated from connected vehicles for business growth
  • Challenges in Standardization of Data Protocol Between Cities and Shared Mobility Providers
  • Integrating old, legacy infrastructure into MaaS architectures?
  • Technical and regulatory challenges in the scalability of MaaS services?
  • Data Sharing, Data Management and Data Access between multiple players within the Shared Mobility ecosystem
  • Key challenges and opportunities in In-vehicle retailing?
  • Potential Impact of Vehicle Subscription models on after-sales service industry?
  • Potential of urban air mobility in the next 10 years?

mobility futuremaker network

FutureMakers Expert Network
FutureMakers Expert Network

Innovation Focus Areas
  • Circular Mobility System
  • Alternate Fuel/Drivetrains
  • Battery Recycling
  • Advanced Materials
  • Sustainable Charging Infrastructure
Strategic & Tactical Use Cases
  • Under research materials and solutions for sustainable vehicle interiors (Green Interiors)?
  • Evolution of Component-as-a-Service (CaaS) model over the next 10 years
  • Second-life solutions available for electric vehicle batteries
  • Advancements in Biofuel and Hydrogen and potential impact on mobility
  • Overcoming current barriers in expansion of low-carbon mobility?
  • Alternative solutions to reduce material production emission in automobiles?
  • Innovations in Automotive Energy Recovery System beyond regenerative braking and kinetic energy recovery
  • Components most affected by adoption of sustainable and bio-degradable materials in automotive part manufacturing?
  • Latest innovations in battery thermal management solutions?
  • Driving Sustainability in EV Supply Chain as Demand increases.

mobility futuremaker network

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This is Why We Do What We Do

The biggest reason we engaged WhatNext was their ability to solve our industry’s toughest questions with the best minds who knew the answers. We got more insights from a 60-minute one-o-one call with WhatNext’s FutureMaker than I had been able to obtain from previously hired traditional consultants.

Urban Mobility Innovator

Global Mobility Company
We were at a crossroads while undertaking a new strategic initiative that would impact our business model to great extent in future. We lacked the visibility and right knowledge. WhatNext helped us gain critical insights thanks to 1:1 relationship with individual subject matter experts. It was well worth the investment.

Acquisition Specialist

Mobility & Convergence Company
WhatNext is awesome! WhatNext’s technology experts did an excellent job of surfacing key threats and opportunities in near future and devised specific steps to address them.They had challenged our key executives to look and think outside the box and develop an exponential transformation strategy to ensure we evolve over the next few years successfully.

Futurist – Automotive

North American Automotive Company
We operate in the most competitive echelons of global markets, and we had some of the specific questions that only genuine technology experts could answer.WhatNext helped us to understand and prepare for unknown unknowns that would otherwise be unexpected and to guide decisions that help our company stay on course and predict its future position.

VP – Research & Development

Global Mobility Major
We are well connected within our Mobility industry but outside we’re not. WhatNext connected us seamlessly with experts from other industries that gave us a new perspective on how to develop superior forward-looking capabilities and capture opportunities that would otherwise be unseen. Without doubt, our organization has developed a great partnership with WhatNext over last year.

Sr. Director – Mobility & Strategy

Urban Air Mobility Company