Predictive asset maintenance in aerospace manufacturing plants

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September 21, 2022


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Predictive asset maintenance in aerospace manufacturing plants

Asset maintenance in aircraft manufacturing plants ensures that the assets are in a safe and operative condition. The asset maintenance is carried out at regular intervals and the checks that are performed depend on the type of maintenance that is required. Predictive maintenance is a process that prevents equipment failures by detecting and repairing problems before they cause serious damages. It is a suitable technique to carry out checks on aircraft manufacturing assets as it allows potential problems to be identified and fixed before they cause a safety or operational issue.

Predictive asset maintenance in aerospace manufacturing plants uses data analytics to predict when an equipment is likely to fail. This allows for repairs to be carried out before the equipment fails, preventing downtime and reducing the overall cost of maintenance. Continuously monitoring aerospace manufacturing assets for improved predictive maintenance leads to greater understanding of machine health, performance, and failsafe production scheduling. A successfully implemented multiple-template approach enables an organization to build predictive models with ease, as well as incorporate machine learning and industrial AI to rapidly deploy them. With an integrated predictive maintenance and scheduling solution, the maintenance team can not only use machine health information to predict failure but can also consider the risks of completing scheduled production orders versus accomplishing maintenance tasks.

Alton Aviation Consultancy

Predictive asset maintenance helps to improve the performance of aerospace manufacturing plants by providing timely information about the condition of critical equipment. Alton Aviation Consultancy has extensive experience in predictive asset maintenance and has worked with many of the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers. In addition to predictive asset maintenance, Alton Aviation Consultancy also provides training and support services to help aerospace manufacturing plants improve their performance. With over 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry, Alton Aviation Consultancy is a leading provider of predictive asset maintenance services. In addition, Alton Aviation Consultancy offers a wide range of other services to help improve the performance of aerospace manufacturing plants, including: quality assurance, process improvement, and project management.


Quivr is a US-based startup that offers a computer vision-based equipment monitoring platform for heavy manufacturing. The startup’s on-the-edge camera sensors and communication devices work in tandem with its software to automate equipment condition monitoring. The software uses this data to provide real-time defect alerts, thereby enabling predictive maintenance. This enables workers to fix on-the-job errors and avoid costly mistakes during production.

As the world is increasingly moves towards a predictive maintenance model for equipment, Quivr is at the forefront of this technology in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Quivr’s equipment monitoring system uses artificial intelligence to constantly monitor equipment performance and identify potential issues. This information is then used to generate predictive maintenance reports that can be used by engineers to schedule repairs and prevent failures. As a result, Quivr’s Predictive Asset Maintenance system is an essential tool for any aerospace manufacturer looking to improve their equipment reliability and reduce their downtime.


A recent startup, Falkonry, is helping to improve predictive asset maintenance in aerospace manufacturing. The company’s software uses machine learning to analyze asset data and identify patterns that can indicate potential problems. This information can then be used to schedule preventive maintenance before problems occur. As a result, Falkonry’s software has the potential to help reduce downtime and improve safety in aerospace manufacturing. In addition, the company is working on applications for other industries, such as oil and gas, where predictive asset maintenance can have a significant impact.


Basalt, a New Zealand-based startup, is at the forefront of this technology with their Predictive Asset Maintenance platform. The platform utilizes data collected from sensors placed on assets within a factory to predict when an asset is likely to fail. This information can then be used to schedule maintenance before the asset fails, preventing downtime and saving money. Basalt’s Predictive Asset Maintenance platform is changing the way predictive maintenance is done in aerospace manufacturing by providing an open-source solution that is affordable and easy-to-use. Predictive asset maintenance has the potential to greatly improve the efficiency of aerospace manufacturing, and Basalt is leading the charge. Thanks to companies like Basalt, predictive asset maintenance is becoming a reality in aerospace manufacturing plants around the world.

Predictive asset maintenance as the future of aerospace manufacturing plants

Predictive asset maintenance (PAM) is a growing field that holds great promise for the future of aerospace manufacturing plants. PAM is a proactive approach that relies on data and analytics to identify potential problems before they occur. By monitoring the health of critical assets and systems, PAM can help to prevent unplanned downtime and reduce the need for corrective maintenance. As aerospace manufacturing plants become increasingly complex, predictive asset maintenance is likely to play an essential role in ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

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