Roll Out of Smart Meters in UK – Current & Future Landscape

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May 13, 2023




Roll Out of Smart Meters in UK – Current & Future Landscape

Roll Out of Smart Meters in UK


In the UK, smart meter deployment has been ongoing since 2011. The government has established a goal to have a smart meter installed in every home and small business by 2030. Over 53 million smart meters have been installed in homes and small businesses in the country since September 2021. About 88% of the country’s gas and electricity meters are accounted for by this. Future projections indicate only growth for these figures. 


These meters offer a plethora of benefits over conventional meters. Both customers and energy corporations can profit from these meters. The ability to measure and manage energy consumption to save expenses, as well as real-time information on energy usage, are the main benefits for consumers.  Additionally, they give energy providers more precise and current data on energy usage, which can help them manage the grid more effectively and lower the likelihood of blackouts and other interruptions. By encouraging more energy-efficient behavior, the deployment of smart meters can also aid in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the battle against climate change. 


Companies Driving the Market Penetration of Smart Meters in the UK

A group of energy providers called the Smart Meter Implementation Programme (SMIP) has overseen the implementation of these in the UK. Technical difficulties, customer worries regarding the accuracy of the meters, and the expense of the deployment are just a few of the difficulties the SMIP has had to deal with. Despite these challenges, this deployment has increased in the UK. Around 86% of gas and 91% of electricity will have the meters in 2020. 

British Gas is one of the largest energy companies in the UK that offers smart metering solutions for both domestic and commercial customers. Customers can order  this  from British Gas on the company’s website or by contacting their nearby British Gas office. During the two-hour installation procedure, the customer is not billed.  The consumer can get real-time data about their energy use and prices through a display unit or web portal when the smart meter has been installed. They may employ this information to make more informed decisions about energy use and cost-cutting strategies. By communicating directly with British Gas, smart meters do away with the necessity for manual meter readings.  

 Solutions by EDF Energy


EDF Energy is another potential startup. It is yet another big UK energy business that provides its clients with a variety of these meter alternatives. A display unit or internet portal can give customers real-time data about their energy prices and use. Customers’ current energy usage and cost will be updated every 30 minutes in the smart meter which the customers will be able to view. Additionally, EDF Energy has remote access to the smart meter’s data. Through the display unit or the EDF Energy website, customers may find tips and recommendations for energy conservation, which can help them use less energy and reduce their bill costs. Customers may also access their energy use and payment information online from any device with an internet connection. In a nutshell, EDF energy is a good choice for customers searching for cost-effective smart metering solutions. 

Next on the list, we have npower. npower’s smart meter solutions are designed to provide users with real-time data on their energy bills and usage, supporting them in making energy-related decisions. The company provides smart metering solutions for both electricity and gas. For electricity, Single-rate, Multi-rate, and Economy 7 meters are just a few of the smart electricity meters that npower provides. These meters offer real-time data on electricity costs and use and send the data directly to npower. The display devices offer a variety of information, including daily, weekly, and monthly use data, and are simple to use. In addition, npower offers a variety of smart gas meters that provide real-time information on gas usage and costs.

Ovo Energy’s Smart Meter Solutions


Another independent energy provider, Ovo Energy, offers these to its customers as part of its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.  They automatically provide precise data about energy consumption of Ovo Energy. With an Ovo smart meter, customers can view their energy use in real time and help save costs and conserve energy. Ovo provides smart meters that use secure, encrypted communication, which means the customers’ energy usage data is safe and protected.

Future Landscape


The number of installed meters is anticipated to grow exponentially in the UK. This is due to benefits like accurate billing, real-time usage information, and improved energy efficiency, that they offer. Additionally, since the UK government has prioritized lowering carbon emissions in the country, they can aid in achieving these objectives by offering comprehensive information on energy consumption. With these factors in sight, the future of these commercialization in the UK looks exceptionally bright.



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